Game On

When growing up, each little boy and girl has the dream of one day turning their ordinary life into something extraordinary. For me, that dream was to become a professional baseball player. I loved the game within the game, the smell of the dirt, the exhilaration of winning. My playing days are long behind me, though without fail, nostalgia strikes when dusk sets in and I see the spark of lights illuminating baseball diamonds across the Salt Lake Valley. That’s the draw to sports, is it not? They bring us back to those gleeful, unassuming moments when we were young, giving us those “If only I had one more game to play” thoughts. Winners Utah hopes to bring out the little kid in all of us, sharing with its readers the in-depth stories of local sports heroes—past, present and future. Winners Utah highlights the “Hot Shots” of Utah that aspire to turn the family name on the back of their jersey into a national brand. We’ll leave no stone unturned as we dig for the forgotten stories, such as how two Utah men played a role in transforming the lives of Pacific Islanders for generations to come. And since food and health are synonymous with sports, Winners Utah will share those experiences with you, too. Our team of reputable sports journalists, action photographers and world class graphic designers are excited to kick off our inaugural issue. Look for us again in December of 2017, and bi-monthly thereafter. We look forward to telling you more stories to come, giving you deeper insight on the games you grew to love in your adolescence and reminisce on the old days alongside you. Enjoy.   -Mikey Saltas